• Clothes sets worth more than Rs 30 lakh sold in a few hours at Homeshop18

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    With the indian government refusing to end the google, tata masterminded online sex, bribery racket, banking, financial fraud on women domain investors, the domain investor whose identity is stolen by 10 google, tata sponsored goan sex workers sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, cheater housewives nayanshree hathwar, riddhi nayak,naina, veena and other fraud raw/cbi employees is forced to look at other options,
    For example the indore document robber R&AW employee bespectacled housewife veena , who looks like actress deepika padukone stole the documents of the domain investor, google competitor , a crime under section 378 of the indian penal code in 2010, yet the criminal companies sundar pichai led google , tata were so overjoyed with her crime of stealing her relatives documents, that fraud companies rewarded the indore criminal housewife with a R&AW job falsely claiming that the indore section 420 fraud housewife veena, who is only looking after her house and family, has never invested any money online owns the websites, bank account of her victim, the domain investor legally owning this and other websites to pay the indore criminal a monthly R&AW salary at the expense of her victim.

    Anothe example examples of sundar pichai led google’s fraud, isthat along with tata, it has allegedly bribed powerful fraud top government officials like mhow cheater puneet, parmar, and others to abuse their powers, falsely claim that a school dropout gujju housewife naina, mother of two sons,born in kolhapur, illegally married at 16, mother of two sons , who looks like actress sneha wagh, who has never invested any money online, has the resume including btech 1993 ee degree, investment of the google competitor, to get the eighth standard pass gujju housewife a cbi job with monthly salary and great powers at the expense of the broke google competitor who is working like a slave

    The shameless school dropout cbi employee naina has plenty of money to purchase an expensive maruti vitara car costing Rs 12 lakh for her lazy fraud son, to pay the market price and purchase this domain and other domain names legally Instead, she relies on powerful fraud top government officials like parmar with whom she is having an extra marital affair, and BRIBETAKING TOP RAW/CBI/NTRO employees to make fake claims about the domain names, to get a monthly cbi salary at the expense of the real domain investor

    The powerful greedy shameless gujju identity theft gang hired as contractors by the sundar pichai led google to destroy the engineer, like the goan gsb frauds hiding behind goan gsb fraud housewife riddhi nayak , who looks like actress kangana ranaut, do not think that there is anything wrong in stealing the identity of women engineers, domain investors to get their relatives and associates a cbi job at the expense of the real domain investor, google competitor

    Bank records,income tax returns will easily expose the domain ownership fraud, however the top ntro, raw, cbi employees are such shameless section 420 frauds and liars, that they are taking massive bribes from the indore criminal gang of document robbers, veena, deepika and mahesh and others, to abuse their powers and make fake claims, so that the indore fraud veena and other google, tata sponsored fraud raw/cbi employees faking a btech 1993 ee degree get a monthly government salary without doing any work, without investing any money, at the expense of the domain investor who is working like a slave and getting nothing.

    In other sectors, the person investing money is at least acknowledged , and leads, orders are not blocked, unlike the section 420 fraud liar controlled indian internet sector where top officials and companies are openly involved in a online sex, bribery racket, banking, financial fraud
    For example on Homeshop18, at least 3000 sets of clothes were sold on 9 August 2018, based on the comments of the teleshopping models who were mentioning the number of orders received.
    Each set of clothes was costing Rs 1299 , so the total sales in a few hours were more than rs 35 lakh
    Each set consisted of
    6 kurtis of different prints, French crepe fabric,
    2 leggings
    2 dupattas of length 2 meter
    The sets were available in 5 different sizes

    They were also offering a Free Microwave oven to the lucky winner.

    So the seller will be paying a fee to Homeshop18, however they must be selling clothes worth lakhs in a few hours, while online it is very difficult to get any orders, however hard the domain investor may try
    Based on personal experience, a kurti with material can be stitched for Rs 100 or less, legging cost rs 100, and a dupatta costs Rs 80 or less
    So even the domain investor can supply the package for Rs 960 or less, since fabric purchased in bulk, will be far cheaper, the package could cost Rs 700 or less for the clothes manufacturer
    However many hours are spent online, there are almost no orders and payment is blocked repeatedly
    it is one of google, tata, ntro’s greatest fraud, that working online, owning domains in India is very lucrative, stitching and selling inexpensive clothes through teleshopping networks is far more lucrative and less frustrating as the Homeshop18 sale proved.