Asymmetrical tops and kurtis in fashion

One of the main advantages of travelling to a large metro city is the opportunity to observe the latest fashion trends. At the airport and elsewhere travellers have to spend a lot of time waiting, and it is a good opportunity to observe the clothes and accessories worn by people, especially women. In April 2016, it appears that asymmetrical tops or kurtis were in fashion in Mumbai.
Usually the length of the clothes in the front and back side remains uniform for almost all clothes. However it appears that a smart and observant fashion designer noticed that when women bend the clothes or top which they are wearing is not long enough to cover their body properly, especially if the top is short. So he designed tops and kurtis where the length on the rear side will be at least 10 or 15 cm more than the length on the front side.
This trend was more popular for tops made from transparent material. However the trend has no perlocated to smaller cities and towns yet.

Domain fraudster asmita patel in aurelia bag stalking incident

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Anti radiation garments required urgently

Domain investor requires the following anti radiation garments urgently to protect against the high radiation levels in panaji, goa which are causing great pain, memory loss and other health problems
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Designer evening gowns worn by Femina Miss India winners

The Femina Miss India contest is one of the most high profile beauty contests in India, getting a lot of coverage in the media, especially those associated with Femina and Times of India. The gowns worn by the winners of the contest are an indication of the fashion trends in India, especially western wear.
The winner of Femina Miss India Priyadarshini Chatterjee from Guwahati has worn a grey sleeveless gown. The upper half of the outfit, appears to be like a one piece swimsuit with embroidery and and a band around the waist and cleavage clearly visible. The lower half of the gown is made from semi transparent material similar to netting and her long legs are clearly visible, leaving nothing to the imagination
The 1st runner up of Femina Miss India Sushruthi Krishna from Bengaluru has worn an outfit very similar to the winner in terms of design and colour. She again wears a grey outfit, with transparent shoulder straps, plunging V shaped cleavage. The one piece swimsuit type top half is again has elaborate embroidery or beadwork. The lower half of the gown is again made from semi transparent material, though the netting is less transparent that the outfit worn by the miss India winner.
The 2nd runner up of Femina Miss India was Lucknow’s Pankhuri Gidwani who wore a dark brown striped evening gown , in contrast to the other winners. The sleeveless gown again had a plunging neckline and the skin coloured patch in the lower half created the illusion of showing skin

All the evening gowns were designed for Femina Miss India contest by the fashion designers Falguni and Shane Peacock , and complemented with Jewellery from Farah Khan Fine Jewelery.
The event was styled by Kristy Da Cunha
Hair & Makeup : Mehera Kolah

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Wearing long dresses can be risky

A few days ago Times of India carried a photo of Kate Middleton at an official function in New Delhi trying to manage her dress which was blowing in the wind, calling it Marilyn Monroe moment (in rather poor taste). However the photo again highlighted the risk of wearing dresses, especially when the weather is windy. A strong gust of wind can make a dress difficult to manage, especially if the dress is made from relatively flimsy material like linen, polyester, nylon or rayon.

While it is usually possible to control the environmental conditions indoors, If the woman has to do a lot of work or different tasks outdoors, especially on a holiday, it is best to avoid wearing dresses made from flimsy material. For taller women the problem of flowing dresses which blow with the wind will be more as the dress will be longer. In these conditions figure hugging dresses of thicker material could be a better choice.

Style week Goa

Style week Goa, April 1 – April 3, 2016
Entry by invitation only
Official style ambassador : Natasha Suri
Official host : Club Tao
Kingfisher Ultra
Produced by Storm, India’s largest fashion company
Technology partner: Sansui, Japanese technology, entertaining the world
Lifestyle partner: Gitanjali
Style partner : Lee
Radio partner: Radio Mirchi
Hair and makeup partner: Papillon
Support Partner : Sun Maria

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Expensive clothes of domain fraudster government employees

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Free goa traveler help

After Delhi and Mumbai, goa is the most popular travel destination in India. While many people visit Mumbai and Delhi for work, or during transit while traveling, goa is one of most popular tourism destinations in india for indians on a holiday. If you are planning to visit goa on a holiday and require free traveler help or advice, kindly send an email to or check Traveler Help

Stitching quality for nighties

Though night dresses for women (or nighties) available in India are value for money with well fitting nighties costing Rs 200 to Rs 300 (or less in some cases), a major problem faced is that the quality of the stitching remains fairly poor. While during the day most of the clothes being worn will not stretched unless extremely tight, at night when the person is sleeping or relaxing, the clothes are likely to be roughly used.
On an average it is observed that for most readymade nighties available in the indian market, the stitches will come apart within a month of being used a few times a week. Then the person wearing the nighty should find time to stitch the nighty, find a tailor (expensive and time consuming) or continue wearing the clothes which are coming apart till they are no longer wearable.
There is no scientific study of the stress on the stitching on the clothes depending on the weight of the person, fabric area and different actions of the body like a when a person is bending, stretching . The thread available for stitching the clothes in most stores India is also not of very good quality, so a person will have to spend time stitching the same clothes repeatedly

Wrinkle proof fabric

One of the greatest disadvantages of purchasing clothes offline remains that it is difficult to determine whether the fabric is wrinkleproof. Most clothes being sold are starched before being sold, only after washing the clothes, does the person find out whether the fabric will require ironing. Increasingly security agencies judge a person, his or her economic status, educational level, depending on how well stitched and ironed his or her clothes are.
There are some synthetic or blended fabrics that do not require much ironing , however for many women clothes the buyer is usually gambling. Wrinkle proof fabric does not cost more than Rs 45 a meter, yet kurtis which cost as much as Rs 250 are made of fabric which is extremely wrinkled or crumpled. If a person is not skeletal, the creases in the fabric will automatically reduce after wearing the clothes for an hour or so, however if the fabric quality is not good, the clothes will remain wrinkled.