Fashion brands over a period of time

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While the shameless google,tata sponsored goan gsb fraud raw/cbi employees riddhi sidhi do not want to any work online or invest any money online, yet shamelessly and falsely claim to own this and other websites to get a monthly salary from the indian government, many of the western fashion brands like Gucci, Pierre Cardin, Cartier, Versace have survived for a long period of time by ensuring that the best fashion designers in the trade like Stella Mccartney are associated with them. In relatively few cases, the family members are

In India due to the focus on family, most of the famous fashion brands like Biba, Ritu Kumar, Tarun Tahiliani are taken over by the children or relatives of the founder of the fashion brand. It would be interesting to check the business trends for these brands over a period of time.

Fashiondesigner guide domain fraud planned

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Many fashion websites using domains

When was launched by the Aditya Birla group ,it was the first major or high profile indian online fashion store with a domain name. Now it appears that another online fashion website from reliance group has been launched selling fashion related products from top brands. It appears that they are have a discount sale at present. It would be interesting to find the price at which the domains were sold to the current owners of and

Any fashion designer or distributor or retailer or online seller who wishes to purchase domain names at a reasonable rate can send an email to

Domain investors forced to spend money on expensive antiradiation fabric

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Clothes closet increases appraised home value

Designer clothes are expensive and can be used for a long time if they are stored properly. Hence it is recommended that a home has sufficient storage space for these expensive designer clothes in the form of a closet or in the wall cupboards. In case the home owner decides to opt for a reverse mortgage in his or her old age, the licensed appraiser should be informed about the provision made for storing the clothes, as it is an additional feature of the home, which will add to the resale value of the home at a later date.

Warning about false claims of sex specialist, housewife and other fraud R&AW/CBI/indian government employees

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Clothes for senior citizens

Over a period of time, most clothes if worn regularly get worn out and have to be replaced periodically. Senior citizens who do not have adequate income may find it difficult to purchase new clothes and this can cause health problems, especially during winter due to severe cold. In case the senior citizen owns his or her home, and does not receive any kind of financial assistance from any other person, the senior citizen may reverse mortgage the house to receive money from the lender which can be utilized to purchase fashionable clothes and pay for other expenses like food, utility bills, taxes, repairs.

TV presenter clothes

India may nominally be a free country, however it appears that mentally many of the young citizens especially in metro cities are living in western countries, their clothes and lifestyle is deeply influenced by western culture.
While the TV presenters in Goa wear a combination of Indian and western outfits which is acceptable, considering that Goa was ruled by the Portuguese for more than 500 years, the clothes of TV anchors reading Hindi and other regional news are not exactly suitable.
The hindi news readers are almost always dressed in western clothes which are not suitable for indian women due to their body shape, making them look fatter than they are. The western clothes are suitable for chinese and other women who are thinner compared to Indian women.

It appears that Hindi news channels have banned the newsreaders from wearing Indian clothes, even for programs on Indian history and independence, the anchor will only wear western clothes which are not very suitable. When almost all Indian politicians wear indian clothes, why do TV anchors not do so.

Invitation to Collaborate with VIDA

Erica C. at VIDA (

I am reaching out to extend a special invitation to you to collaborate with our company, VIDA. We think your artwork would be a wonderful addition to VIDA’s collection of art as wearable apparel. At VIDA, we transform 2D artwork into elegant, scarves, tops, and dresses, and we’d love to add your artwork to our collection!


A little bit about VIDA:

VIDA is a Google Ventures-backed fashion e-commerce platform that brings together artists and apparel manufacturers from around the world to create original, inspiring apparel in a socially conscious way. We work with manufactures all over the world, and we offer literacy programs to our factory workers.

Becoming a VIDA designer is an easy 2 step process and should take less then 10 mins.

1: Create your profile at

2: Upload your artwork to create your products

Note: VIDA is 100% free to join and post artwork.


I hope you’ll accept our invitation to become a VIDA artist and join our ever growing global community of artists and designers. We will be deeply honored to have the opportunity to work with you.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. I’m really looking forward to your submission on! I’ve included a bit more information about the process of becoming a VIDA designer below.


Erica Carter
Head of Artist Relations

44 Tehama Street | San Francisco CA 94105
Phone: 1.877.529.VIDA | Mon – Fri 9am – 6pm PST

A little more about the process:

After your images are approved, we will make a special branded page for you with your artwork transformed into high-quality apparel and scarves. You may then share this page with your friends, family, and fans to help promote and sell your designs. We will produce, package, and ship your products to your customers and you’ll receive 10% of the net sales for every product sold, with no limit to how much you can earn. You earning depend entirely on your sales.

We’ve worked with world-renowned fine artists, photographers, designers, illustrators, and creatives like Trey Ratcliff, Lauren Rader, Karen Hutton, and Karen Walrond. Artists from VIDA have been discovered by and written about in popular publications and blogs including Women’s Wear Daily, Fashion Times, Fashionista, and more.

Has anyone used Vida, your feedback will be appreciated

Asymmetrical tops and kurtis in fashion

One of the main advantages of travelling to a large metro city is the opportunity to observe the latest fashion trends. At the airport and elsewhere travellers have to spend a lot of time waiting, and it is a good opportunity to observe the clothes and accessories worn by people, especially women. In April 2016, it appears that asymmetrical tops or kurtis were in fashion in Mumbai.
Usually the length of the clothes in the front and back side remains uniform for almost all clothes. However it appears that a smart and observant fashion designer noticed that when women bend the clothes or top which they are wearing is not long enough to cover their body properly, especially if the top is short. So he designed tops and kurtis where the length on the rear side will be at least 10 or 15 cm more than the length on the front side.
This trend was more popular for tops made from transparent material. However the trend has no perlocated to smaller cities and towns yet.