Holes in sleeves are the latest fashion trend for women in India

Going outside gives a good opportunity to observe the clothes worn by women, and the latest fashion trends
After long kurtis, one of the latest fashion trends for women are sleeves with holes in them, at the shoulder
The holes are either a hole which is cut in the sleeve, or the two different halves of the sleeve are stitched together to leave a hole, which exposes the skin.
While those with plenty of money, can afford to purchase these clothes, those with limited funds will have to think twice, because they will look foolish, when this fashion trend ends
Another reason why the domain investor is not interested in purchasing these clothes, is that they expose the skin, increasing the area for mosquito and other insect bites.

Women wearing hot pants increase skin area for mosquito and insect bites

Wearing hot pants is considered fashionable and trendy in goa, and many women are spotted wearing hot pants in public places. However the fact remains that wearing clothes which expose the skin, is risky in a place like goa, where there a large number of mosquitoes and other insects

Usually the mosquitoes are mainly attacking the skin where it is not covered, they usually do not attack the areas which are covered with a fabric , as the mosquito has to bite through the fabric and skin to reach the blood

So though the hot pants may be fashionable and security agencies may admire women who wear hot pants and similar skimpy clothes, it is not very safe for the women who are wearing these clothes, as it increases the risk of mosquito and insect bites, causing itching in the short term and serious viral infections, malaria and other health problems in the long term

Clothes which lose color when soaked in water

Purchasing clothes is a very risky business, because often the clothes will lose color when they are soaked in water.
The problem is particularly severe for women’s clothes, as there is less standardization in the design and these clothes are in darker shades of color
It is risky to wear these clothes till all the color is lost as other clothes are also affected as the fabric absorbs the dye.
Additionally these clothes cannot be washed in a washing machine as all the other clothes in the washing machine could also absorb the color , damaging these clothes
So often only 50% of the clothes purchased can be worn regularly

Videos, visuals and the virtual world

Like other investors, domain investors are private citizens who are investing their hard earned money to make money from domain names and do not expect any interference from the government because domain registration, renewal, development has not been officially nationalized, at least in India. However the harash reality is that powerful greedy dishonest powerful indian intelligence and security agency officials, their relatives, friends and associates are too risk averse, lazy to invest their own hard earned money in domain names, yet are allowed to waste indian tax payer money for decades to defame and harass the harmless domain investors, allegedly bribed by large corporates like google, tata who wish to acquire talent and technology cheaply.
These irrational fraud powerful officials are making, circulating unflatttering videos, visuals like photos of the harmless domain investor, wasting indian tax payer money, to ruin the reputation of the domain investor and then falsely claiming that their relatives, friends, sex partners and associates, who do not spend any money on domain names, own the domain names of a private citizen who is being defamed.
Like all frauds, these officials cannot justify the warped logic of the virtual world in an open debate, just because someone is making videos, photos of a woman who they hate to defame her, why does she stop owning her assets like domain names in which she has invested her money, and why are lazy greedy cunning frauds defaming her allowed to falsely claim that they own her domain names? Defaming a person, does not mean that the slanderer(or his associates) automatically has the resume, investment of the person against whom they are making fake allegations against without any legally valid proof at all.

Finding the right footwear

The feet of every person is unique and most footwear designers are considering the standard foot size when they design the footwear like sandals, slippers and shoes. This creates problems for those whose feet are different from the standard norm, for example some individuals have feet which are broader than the average foot and this can make it difficult for them to find suitable footwear. Often they purchase footwear and are not able to wear the footwear they have purchased because their feet do not fit properly into the footwear. So they prefer to shop for footwear offline , where they can try the footwear in the retail store, before paying for it.

Leather and PU leather compared

Leather items are fairly expensive and those who can afford leather items, will usually purchase leather purses and handbags, as they are more fashionable. However leather will get damaged in the rains or when exposed to water, so most people with a limited budget are only using bags and purses from PU leather and similar material as it is cheaper and more durable. Most retailers are also only selling PU leather purses, they do not keep genuine leather purses in stock.

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Fashiondesigner guide domain fraud planned

Few can match the pathological liar google, tata, ntro,cbi, indian security agency officials as they false claim that inexperienced lazy greedy GOAN SEX WORKERS, CHEATER HOUSEWIVES and other frauds especially the slim lazy greedy goan obc bhandari SEX worker R&AW employee sunaina, 2013 bsc who has SEX with top indian officials, and has no saving, online investement , has a btech 1993 EE degree, investment and resume of a single woman obc engineer to waste tax payer money paying all these frauds a monthly salary

It appears that the crooked indian intelligence and security agency officials are planning to frame a domain investor, a single woman obc engineer, falsely claiming that the domain name belongs to their associate, though the fraud associate of these officials has not invested a single penny on the domain name expenses. They are monitoring all her activities, and trying to find a person who she has spoken to, who will be willing to make fake allegations against her, to grab the domain name.

Allegedly a vasco based fashion designer may be used for the domain fraud, as she has got a lot of publicity in both the major newspapers in goa and also in bengaluru. The domain investor just said hello to the vasco based fashion designer who was commenting on how her domain names were going to expire, and now the security agency officials are allegedly falsely claiming that the domain name belongs to the fraud vasco based fashion designer.

It would be interesting to find out how exactly these cunning officials plan to frame the domain investor, the modus operandi they are planning to use. Just saying hello to a person does not mean that the person has purchased the domain names of the domain investor, paying the market price. Unlike the frauds making fake allegations the domain investor is a trained engineer and would never undertake any deal without a receipt or written proof

Many fashion websites using llll.com domains

When abof.com was launched by the Aditya Birla group ,it was the first major or high profile indian online fashion store with a llll.com domain name. Now it appears that another online fashion website ajio.com from reliance group has been launched selling fashion related products from top brands. It appears that they are have a discount sale at present. It would be interesting to find the price at which the llll.com domains were sold to the current owners of abof.com and ajio.com

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TV presenter clothes

India may nominally be a free country, however it appears that mentally many of the young citizens especially in metro cities are living in western countries, their clothes and lifestyle is deeply influenced by western culture.
While the TV presenters in Goa wear a combination of Indian and western outfits which is acceptable, considering that Goa was ruled by the Portuguese for more than 500 years, the clothes of TV anchors reading Hindi and other regional news are not exactly suitable.
The hindi news readers are almost always dressed in western clothes which are not suitable for indian women due to their body shape, making them look fatter than they are. The western clothes are suitable for chinese and other women who are thinner compared to Indian women.

It appears that Hindi news channels have banned the newsreaders from wearing Indian clothes, even for programs on Indian history and independence, the anchor will only wear western clothes which are not very suitable. When almost all Indian politicians wear indian clothes, why do TV anchors not do so.