Ankle length leggings are shorter

Some of the legging manufacturers have full length and ankle length leggings
Though the price of these leggings is similar, there is a significant difference in their length, amount of fabric which is being used
The ankle length leggings are far shorter, so a person who is not slim will find that they are not very comfortable to wear since there is far less fabric.

Shoppers stop sending emails with title styles for your lil cuties should realize that greedy liar married women government employees do not pay for domains

Shoppers stop allegedly being duped by CYBERCRIMINAL greedy married women especially haryana scammer mba hr ruchika kinge, bengaluru brahmin cheater nayanshree , wife of tata power employee guruprasad

One of the greatest frauds of the indian internet sector allegedly masterminded by the government employees of the btech 1993 ee class of iit bombay, is how they are criminally defaming a hardworking single woman and then falsely claiming that her domains, websites, email accounts belong to their lazy CYBERCRIMINAL greedy married girlfriend especially haryana scammer mba hr ruchika kinge who do not spend any money on domains, webhosting yet rely on their CYBERcriminal husbands, sugar daddies to steal all data from the single woman and get the CYBERCRIMINAL liar married women who do no computer work, government salaries at the expense of the single woman who is paying for the domains, managing the websites
Shoppers stop sending emails with title styles for your lil cuties should realize that greedy liar married women government employees do not pay for domains,webhosting, email hosting are openly involved in CYBERCRIME to cheat, exploit, rob the real domain investor, a single woman engineer who has no one to help or defend herself against greedy haryana scammer mba hr ruchika kinge and all the other fraud raw/cbi employees especially maried women faking domain ownership to get monthly government salaries without doing any kind of work at all.

Leggings with pockets cost Rs 500

Most pants for men have pockets in which they can keep their keys, wallets and other items, but most of the leggings do not have any pockets
This is inconvenient since the kurtis also do not have pockets.
Now some garment companies are selling leggings with pockets
These leggings are priced at Rs 500, costlier than conventional leggings costing Rs 150-Rs 350

Social media account shows that Haryana scammer mba hr ruchika kinge has plenty of money to purchase expensive clothes, refuses to purchase domains legally

One of the greatest frauds in the indian internet sector, is how various government employees like Haryana scammer mba hr ruchika kinge are refusing to purchase domains legally, yet are falsely claiming to own the domains of a private citizen, single woman engineer, to get a monthly government salary
The Haryana scammer mba hr ruchika kinge has plenty of money to purchase a large number of clothes, in her social media account, in every photo she is wearing new expensive clothes, yet she does not have the honesty and humanity to purchase the domains legally.
While the fraud indian tech, internet companies supporting ruchika kinge in her domain ownership fraud since 2012, are quick to criticize the lifestyle of the real domain investor they refuse to acknowledge that most of the income of the single woman is spent on domain renewals, leaving her with very less time and money for clothes and other items
If ruchika, amita patel and others want to be known as domain investors, they should legally purchase the domains, instead of relying on slander, acting skills to fake domain ownership causing great losses to the real domain investor

Many shops selling clothes at the airport are closed.

Citizens who have very less time are often shopping at the airport since they do not have the time to visit the local mall.
The covid-19 pandemic has adversely affected some airports especially goa dabolim airport
Earlier there were a large number of shops in the departure lounge, especially sellig clothes.
It appears that in the last 21 months, there is a massive decrease in the number of passengers
So many of the retailers are not finding it feasible to rent the shops
Flyers who were planning to shop at the airport, may find their favorite shop closed.

Storing tight and illfitting clothes is a major problem

Due to government slavery the domain investor does not have the time and money to get her clothes stitched from a tailor, since they are charging at least Rs 400 in panaji for stitching a single outfit
She prefers to purchase ready made clothes, since many sellers have priced their kurtis at Rs 500 to Rs 550
However, many of the sellers do not have a tape with them to measure the dimensions. So often the domain investor is finding that the clothes she purchased are extremely tight, she cannot even fit into the clothes. Otherwise the clothes are well designed
While the domain investor keeps promising that she will lose weight, it will take time. Till then the domain investor has a large number of XXL clothes which she cannot wear and are taking up a lot of storage space, leading to clutter.

XXL size of womens clothing varies depending on the business selling the clothes, so a lot of clothes are wasted

Though the government agencies are making up fake stories of black money to harass the domain investor, in reality a large amount is spent on clothes which do not fit, because of the lack of standardization of womens clothing in india
There may be thousands of companies manufacturing ladies clothes in india and the size of their XXL clothes is varying.
In some cases, the XXL clothes are fitting perfectly, while in other cases, the clothes are very tight and cannot be worn in public.
So there a large number of clothes which do not fit because of the different sizes for XXL clothes
Most of the clothes shops also do not have a tape for measuring the clothes which they sell, so the buyer is always gambling when they purchase the clothes, often 50% of the clothes are wasted.

Clothes are developing holes quickly

Those who travel by car, do not have dirty water spilled on their clothes while walking.
In contrast those who spend time walking or doing cleaning work outdoors, often may spill chemicals on their clothes
So the clothes are developing holes or tearing quickly.
Clothes, especially kurtis, anarkalis purchased one year ago online, are all developing holes.
Hence new clothes have to be purchased.
The clothes also have to be altered to include pockets, since the pocket is convenient for holding the face mask

While ordering clothes on teleshopping, item delivered differs from item shown on television

Indicating the high levels of harassment the domain investor faces, the item delivered by a teleshopping channel differed from the item advertised
The teleshopping channel had shown a fit and flare anarkali type top without any kind of slit
However the item delivered has large slits
The domain investor had ordered the item at a high price only because it had no slit
The domain investor was planning to order a large number of items from the teleshopping channels yet because of the design difference she has postponed almost all orders.