Size details of clothes sold via teleshopping

One of the reasons why many women do not purchase clothes via teleshopping and online, is that details of the material and exact size is not available,
Many of the online websites have very less accurate information available on the sizes of the clothes
Even on teleshopping websites, they are showing the size chart , how it is shown for a very short period of time, hardly enough time for viewers to read the dimensions
Homeshop18 has sizes from Small to 4XL, Ezmall has sizes only from small to XXL
However Ezmall is providing more details of the clothes which they are selling , for example the length of some kurtis is specified as 41 inches or 43 inches while this information was not provided for the kurtis sold by Homeshop18 on 8 August 2018

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One theory why Times of India, goa times criticized Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau and his families fashion sense

Stand out with our fabulous range of 50s style dresses, retro clothing and unique Vintage Clothing from the 1920s to the 1980s hand picked by us, from around the world.

While there is nothing wrong in wearing indian clothes, times of india and goa times were extremely harsh and unfair in criticizing Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, his family for the clothes they were wearing during their indian trip , saying that he should have worn western clothes of indian designers like former american first lady michelle obama, not indian clothes when he is visiting India with his family

This could be because CIA , indian security agencies are increasingly forcing indian citizens, especially women to wearn western clothes and women who wear indian clothes like salwar kameez, kurti are finding that they are increasingly denied the income and opportunities they deserved, only because of their clothes, they are not westernized enough
For example the indian, goan government,NTRo, R&AW,cbi, security agencies are falsely claiming that the google, tata sponsored fraud raw/cbi employees like sex workers slim goan bhandari sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar,gsb fraud riddhi nayak, ruchika king, deepika, asmita patel and others, who do not spend any money online, do not do any work online, are online experts, only because they are mostly wearing western clothes, like jeans, tshirts, shirts, skirts, pant suits.

In corporate india, especially in the tech sector, women who wear indian clothes are mocked as behenjis and are not considered for jobs . The security agencies want all educated indian women looking for jobs to wear western clothes, otherwise they falsely will label them as bangladeshi migrants, kamwali bais, defaming them . These powerful government employees want all indians especially women to feel ashamed of wearing indian clothes

So when Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau visited india and wore indian clothes , the powerful officials who are leading the drive of westernization of indian corporate world, corporate clothes and fashion, were upset, and ensured that the mainstream media ruthlessly criticized the canadian prime minister, though he was one of the youngest leaders of any major country to visit India.

Dimensions of ladies bags not listed accurately online on Amazon

Purchasing a bag online is a highly risky business for most brands because there is no guarantee of the quality of the material which will be used and the design. Baggit is one of the few indian brands which ensures that the external material, lining and zip quality are fairly good, so that the bag can be used for months, years without having to be repaired, carry a heavy load.

Since it is not easy to find a supplier of Baggit bags in Goa , the domain investor decided to order the bag online from Amazon, and to check the quality of the listings on Amazon
Though the bag was delivered quickly there appears to be a problem in the dimensions of the bag, the length is indicated as more than the height in the Amazon listing, when actually the bag delivered has a height more than the length
The domain investor has used Baggit bags extensively for many years and she wanted to replace her old Baggit bag , which was damaged after being used for many years.She measured her old Baggit bag, and was hoping to get something of a similar size. However in reality the bag delivered appears to be smaller in size and with less carrying capacity
So now she has to consider purchasing another bag , for long distance travel, where she will require a bag with more carrying capacity and hope the dimensions listed online are accurate. The online sellers for Baggit bags would find their customers would be more happy if they listed the exact dimensions of the bag for sale.

NTRO employees are hounding the domain investor, falsely claiming that the content she produces is spam, why are they not taking action against the online sellers, who do not list the dimensions of their bags and other products accurately online , causing problems for the online buyer. These bags are not cheap, so the seller should take care to ensure correct dimension listing

Clothes sets worth more than Rs 30 lakh sold in a few hours at Homeshop18

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In other sectors, the person investing money is at least acknowledged , and leads, orders are not blocked, unlike the section 420 fraud liar controlled indian internet sector where top officials and companies are openly involved in a online sex, bribery racket, banking, financial fraud
For example on Homeshop18, at least 3000 sets of clothes were sold on 9 August 2018, based on the comments of the teleshopping models who were mentioning the number of orders received.
Each set of clothes was costing Rs 1299 , so the total sales in a few hours were more than rs 35 lakh
Each set consisted of
6 kurtis of different prints, French crepe fabric,
2 leggings
2 dupattas of length 2 meter
The sets were available in 5 different sizes

They were also offering a Free Microwave oven to the lucky winner.

So the seller will be paying a fee to Homeshop18, however they must be selling clothes worth lakhs in a few hours, while online it is very difficult to get any orders, however hard the domain investor may try
Based on personal experience, a kurti with material can be stitched for Rs 100 or less, legging cost rs 100, and a dupatta costs Rs 80 or less
So even the domain investor can supply the package for Rs 960 or less, since fabric purchased in bulk, will be far cheaper, the package could cost Rs 700 or less for the clothes manufacturer
However many hours are spent online, there are almost no orders and payment is blocked repeatedly
it is one of google, tata, ntro’s greatest fraud, that working online, owning domains in India is very lucrative, stitching and selling inexpensive clothes through teleshopping networks is far more lucrative and less frustrating as the Homeshop18 sale proved.

Stitched kurtis available at a low price at teleshopping channels

One of the major problems being faced by many women who purchase readymade clothes, is that most of the local stores, especially in panaji are selling very expensive clothes . For example it is very difficult to get a stitched kurti of proper size in panaji, goa for less than Rs 500 and in many cases, it does not fit properly and is wasted.

On the teleshopping channels, the prices of stitched kurtis is far lower.
On Homeshop 18, on 8 August 2018, they were showing 6 stitched kurtis, were available for Rs 1499 for sizes S, M, L, XL , XXL, price of approximately rs 250 per kurti, The kurtis were made from micro crepe material
The same kurtis in size 3XL, 4XL were available for Rs 1599.Homeshop18 is also running a promo, and 3-5 customers are getting their order free if they order during the one hour period when the product is being displayed.

On the same day, on Ezmall, 3 stitched kurtis were available for Rs 999 (Rs 51 delivery charges extra). price of approximately Rs 333 per kurti.
It would be interesting to find out the feedback of those who have ordered these kurtis, the quality of the product received.

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Holes in sleeves are the latest fashion trend for women in India

Going outside gives a good opportunity to observe the clothes worn by women, and the latest fashion trends
After long kurtis, one of the latest fashion trends for women are sleeves with holes in them, at the shoulder
The holes are either a hole which is cut in the sleeve, or the two different halves of the sleeve are stitched together to leave a hole, which exposes the skin.
While those with plenty of money, can afford to purchase these clothes, those with limited funds will have to think twice, because they will look foolish, when this fashion trend ends
Another reason why the domain investor is not interested in purchasing these clothes, is that they expose the skin, increasing the area for mosquito and other insect bites.

Women wearing hot pants increase skin area for mosquito and insect bites

Wearing hot pants is considered fashionable and trendy in goa, and many women are spotted wearing hot pants in public places. However the fact remains that wearing clothes which expose the skin, is risky in a place like goa, where there a large number of mosquitoes and other insects

Usually the mosquitoes are mainly attacking the skin where it is not covered, they usually do not attack the areas which are covered with a fabric , as the mosquito has to bite through the fabric and skin to reach the blood

So though the hot pants may be fashionable and security agencies may admire women who wear hot pants and similar skimpy clothes, it is not very safe for the women who are wearing these clothes, as it increases the risk of mosquito and insect bites, causing itching in the short term and serious viral infections, malaria and other health problems in the long term

Clothes which lose color when soaked in water

Purchasing clothes is a very risky business, because often the clothes will lose color when they are soaked in water.
The problem is particularly severe for women’s clothes, as there is less standardization in the design and these clothes are in darker shades of color
It is risky to wear these clothes till all the color is lost as other clothes are also affected as the fabric absorbs the dye.
Additionally these clothes cannot be washed in a washing machine as all the other clothes in the washing machine could also absorb the color , damaging these clothes
So often only 50% of the clothes purchased can be worn regularly

Long kurtis are the new fashion trend in 2018

In April- May 2018, long kurtis for women are the new fashion trend
They are almost completely covering the salwar, leggings of pants which are barely visible.
These long kurtis are usually worn with lose printed palazzo pants
Those who are fashion conscious, have enough money, have adopted this fashion trend, and many women at airports and other places are often spotted wearing these long kurtis
However this fashion trend is not suitable or practical for those who are walking a lot, especially during the monsoon when it will rain heavily
During the monsoon most of the cities and towns in India have plenty of puddles, accumulated water, and it is more uncomfortable wearing wet kurtis compared to wet leggings
In some cases the longer kurtis also have a long slit in the middle to make it easier to walk. These kurtis will also require more fabric

Fashion trends from televison shows

Though the scripts of the televison shows could be improved, the producers of the television shows spend lavishly on the clothes of the characters in the shows. Since there is nothing more online for the google competitor, for a change it is interesting to spend some time offline comparing and observing the various television channels and television shows, their business models, advertising they are getting

Online content is increasingly manipulated for specific users, and search results are often inaccurate , manipulated to insult, humiliate the google competitor, as some powerful top official has a mini obsession
The same television program is broadcast to all the viewers and is more relevant to an indian audience. The serials like Isqbaaz, Crime Patrol, Bepanah, Udaan show characters wearing indian clothes , unlike the indian internet sector, where wearing western clothes is an indication of competence.

The clothes worn by the character Mahee Arora are extremely well designed as she has the figure to carry off the clothes. For example asymmetrical kurtis are a fashion trend , and the kurti is longer at the rear side . Only in goa, western clothes like tshirts, jeans worn by goan R&AW employees sex workers sunaina, siddhi , riddhi nayak are the norm, in most other places, women largely wear indian clothes