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  • Mystery behind indian mainstream media’ s unfair criticism of Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau’s clothes

    Date: 2018.02.25 | Category: fashion | Response: 0

    The indian mainstream media is usually extremely fawning about foreign leaders when they visit India, always describing their clothes in a flattering manner. However due to unspecified reasons, the indian media has been unfair and extremely harsh in criticizing the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau who visited India in February 2018, with his wife, two sons, and one daughter, especially his clothes
    Unlike most other leaders, the canadian premier and his family wore Indian clothes for many events of his Indian visit,
    While there is nothing wrong in wearing indian clothes, times of india and goa times were extremely harsh and unfair in criticizing Justin Trudeau, his family for the clothes they were wearing, saying that he should have worn western clothes of indian designers like michelle obama, not indian clothes when he is visiting India with his family
    It would be interesting to find out which powerful government employee the canadian premier has offended , that the indian mainstream media was so harsh on him, criticizing the visit as a train wreck.