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  • Actress Swara Bhaskar wore lehenga from Pakistani designer for her wedding ceremony

    Date: 2023.03.22 | Category: clothes, designer, fashion | Response: 0

    One of the main features of celebrity weddings in India are clothes, and the designer is getting free publicity in the mainstream media
    According to media reports,Actress Swara Bhaskar wore lehenga from a Pakistani designer Ali Xeeshan Empire for her Valima,wedding ceremony
    The actress married a Samajwadi party politician
    Some of the top opposition party politicians attended the wedding reception
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  • Advertise on a fashion related website

    Date: 2019.08.31 | Category: fashion | Response: 0

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  • Color fixer not working for some clothes

    Date: 2018.12.26 | Category: clothes, fashion | Response: 0

    Usually the color fixer, the domain investor has is fairly effective in preventing the loss of color in new clothes.
    After the clothes are dipped in the water containing the color fixer, they will stop losing color.
    When these color fixed clothes are put for drying there is usually no color leaking.
    The domain investor had purchased some nighties from the panaji fest for Rs 150 each, which is usually the low end price of the nighty.
    The nighties had a very nice print.
    The nighty was put in the color fixer for a long period of time, however the color continued to leak
    Additionally the plastic bucket also was covered with a thick coating of the dye.
    Using clothes with leaking color is extremely dangerous, since other clothes will also get colored
    Increasing the color fixer amount has also not helped,the color continues to leak
    Now the domain investor is looking for new color fixers for these nighties, since the Rs 100 color fixer is almost over, and very few shops in goa are stocking the color fixer.

  • Few sellers for lycra/spandex kurtis

    Date: 2018.11.29 | Category: clothes, designer, fashion | Response: 0

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    Lycra/spandex kurtis are a very good investment, because they can be worn even if the person has put on weight
    Almost all clothes, especially cotton clothes will not fit, if a person has put on weight
    On the other hand lycra/spandex kurtis will fit even if the person has put on a few inches in size
    So for a person whose weight has fluctuated, it is better to purchase lycra/spandex kurtis
    However there are few online sellers for lycra/spandex kurtis
    For most online listings the description is very vague
    So there is no guarantee that the item delivered will be made from lycra/spandex
    many of the sellers will get more sales, if they ensure that their listings are detailed with specifications

  • Huge amount of clothes wasted due to weight gain

    Date: 2018.10.30 | Category: designer, fashion | Response: 0

    R&AW, cbi, ntro, google, tata are quick to make fake allegations of black money, if a person does not spend money daily, however they do not realize that money is kept aside for purchasing clothes
    Each kurti alone is costing Rs 700-800 each and it is difficult to find a person/store who is selling suitable clothes

    Due to the endless mental harassment, cheating, exploitation and fraud by google, tata, ntro, cbi, raw, the domain investor is under a lot of stress, resulting in weight gain. So most of the clothes which were purchased 4-5 years ago, are not fitting
    The domain investor is forced to spend her money to purchase new clothes
    However shopping for new clothes takes a lot of time, since the different designs have to be checked, size and material

    Other than preserving the clothes so that they can be used later, there is nothing which can be done about the excellent quality clothes
    Only a few large sized old clothes are being used at present.

  • One theory why Times of India, goa times criticized Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau and his families fashion sense

    Date: 2018.08.23 | Category: fashion | Response: 0

    Stand out with our fabulous range of 50s style dresses, retro clothing and unique Vintage Clothing from the 1920s to the 1980s hand picked by us, from around the world.

    While there is nothing wrong in wearing indian clothes, times of india and goa times were extremely harsh and unfair in criticizing Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, his family for the clothes they were wearing during their indian trip , saying that he should have worn western clothes of indian designers like former american first lady michelle obama, not indian clothes when he is visiting India with his family

    This could be because CIA , indian security agencies are increasingly forcing indian citizens, especially women to wearn western clothes and women who wear indian clothes like salwar kameez, kurti are finding that they are increasingly denied the income and opportunities they deserved, only because of their clothes, they are not westernized enough
    For example the indian, goan government,NTRo, R&AW,cbi, security agencies are falsely claiming that the google, tata sponsored fraud raw/cbi employees like sex workers slim goan bhandari sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar,gsb fraud riddhi nayak, ruchika king, deepika, asmita patel and others, who do not spend any money online, do not do any work online, are online experts, only because they are mostly wearing western clothes, like jeans, tshirts, shirts, skirts, pant suits.

    In corporate india, especially in the tech sector, women who wear indian clothes are mocked as behenjis and are not considered for jobs . The security agencies want all educated indian women looking for jobs to wear western clothes, otherwise they falsely will label them as bangladeshi migrants, kamwali bais, defaming them . These powerful government employees want all indians especially women to feel ashamed of wearing indian clothes

    So when Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau visited india and wore indian clothes , the powerful officials who are leading the drive of westernization of indian corporate world, corporate clothes and fashion, were upset, and ensured that the mainstream media ruthlessly criticized the canadian prime minister, though he was one of the youngest leaders of any major country to visit India.

  • Long kurtis are the new fashion trend in 2018

    Date: 2018.05.14 | Category: fashion | Response: 0

    In April- May 2018, long kurtis for women are the new fashion trend
    They are almost completely covering the salwar, leggings of pants which are barely visible.
    These long kurtis are usually worn with lose printed palazzo pants
    Those who are fashion conscious, have enough money, have adopted this fashion trend, and many women at airports and other places are often spotted wearing these long kurtis
    However this fashion trend is not suitable or practical for those who are walking a lot, especially during the monsoon when it will rain heavily
    During the monsoon most of the cities and towns in India have plenty of puddles, accumulated water, and it is more uncomfortable wearing wet kurtis compared to wet leggings
    In some cases the longer kurtis also have a long slit in the middle to make it easier to walk. These kurtis will also require more fabric

  • Fashion trends from televison shows

    Date: 2018.04.28 | Category: clothes, fashion | Response: 0

    Though the scripts of the televison shows could be improved, the producers of the television shows spend lavishly on the clothes of the characters in the shows. Since there is nothing more online for the google competitor, for a change it is interesting to spend some time offline comparing and observing the various television channels and television shows, their business models, advertising they are getting

    Online content is increasingly manipulated for specific users, and search results are often inaccurate , manipulated to insult, humiliate the google competitor, as some powerful top official has a mini obsession
    The same television program is broadcast to all the viewers and is more relevant to an indian audience. The serials like Isqbaaz, Crime Patrol, Bepanah, Udaan show characters wearing indian clothes , unlike the indian internet sector, where wearing western clothes is an indication of competence.

    The clothes worn by the character Mahee Arora are extremely well designed as she has the figure to carry off the clothes. For example asymmetrical kurtis are a fashion trend , and the kurti is longer at the rear side . Only in goa, western clothes like tshirts, jeans worn by goan R&AW employees sex workers sunaina, siddhi , riddhi nayak are the norm, in most other places, women largely wear indian clothes

  • Palazzo pants are the new fashion trend for women

    Date: 2018.03.11 | Category: clothes, fashion | Response: 0

    After leggings, it appears that palazzo pants are the latest fashion trend for women
    Delays at the airport are good time pass because it gives a person an opportunity to notice the latest fashion trends for men and women
    Many women are now wearing palazzo pants, which are looser compared to leggings
    The retailers are also stocking palazzo pants, and it is difficult to find legging suppliers at a reasonable price.
    The palazzo pants are priced at Rs 100-Rs 150 in Goa for the low end version.
    However most of palazzo pants are made from synthetic material.
    Also they do not protect the legs from mosquitos, flies and other pests.

  • Mystery behind indian mainstream media’ s unfair criticism of Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau’s clothes

    Date: 2018.02.25 | Category: fashion | Response: 0

    The indian mainstream media is usually extremely fawning about foreign leaders when they visit India, always describing their clothes in a flattering manner. However due to unspecified reasons, the indian media has been unfair and extremely harsh in criticizing the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau who visited India in February 2018, with his wife, two sons, and one daughter, especially his clothes
    Unlike most other leaders, the canadian premier and his family wore Indian clothes for many events of his Indian visit,
    While there is nothing wrong in wearing indian clothes, times of india and goa times were extremely harsh and unfair in criticizing Justin Trudeau, his family for the clothes they were wearing, saying that he should have worn western clothes of indian designers like michelle obama, not indian clothes when he is visiting India with his family
    It would be interesting to find out which powerful government employee the canadian premier has offended , that the indian mainstream media was so harsh on him, criticizing the visit as a train wreck.