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  • Actress Swara Bhaskar wore lehenga from Pakistani designer for her wedding ceremony

    Date: 2023.03.22 | Category: clothes, designer, fashion | Response: 0

    One of the main features of celebrity weddings in India are clothes, and the designer is getting free publicity in the mainstream media
    According to media reports,Actress Swara Bhaskar wore lehenga from a Pakistani designer Ali Xeeshan Empire for her Valima,wedding ceremony
    The actress married a Samajwadi party politician
    Some of the top opposition party politicians attended the wedding reception
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  • Few sellers for lycra/spandex kurtis

    Date: 2018.11.29 | Category: clothes, designer, fashion | Response: 0

    Are you looking for “beste actionkamera”? Check out proguiden The passionate experts in this field are ready to answer all of your requests.

    Lycra/spandex kurtis are a very good investment, because they can be worn even if the person has put on weight
    Almost all clothes, especially cotton clothes will not fit, if a person has put on weight
    On the other hand lycra/spandex kurtis will fit even if the person has put on a few inches in size
    So for a person whose weight has fluctuated, it is better to purchase lycra/spandex kurtis
    However there are few online sellers for lycra/spandex kurtis
    For most online listings the description is very vague
    So there is no guarantee that the item delivered will be made from lycra/spandex
    many of the sellers will get more sales, if they ensure that their listings are detailed with specifications

  • Huge amount of clothes wasted due to weight gain

    Date: 2018.10.30 | Category: designer, fashion | Response: 0

    R&AW, cbi, ntro, google, tata are quick to make fake allegations of black money, if a person does not spend money daily, however they do not realize that money is kept aside for purchasing clothes
    Each kurti alone is costing Rs 700-800 each and it is difficult to find a person/store who is selling suitable clothes

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    The domain investor is forced to spend her money to purchase new clothes
    However shopping for new clothes takes a lot of time, since the different designs have to be checked, size and material

    Other than preserving the clothes so that they can be used later, there is nothing which can be done about the excellent quality clothes
    Only a few large sized old clothes are being used at present.

  • Fashion designer guide

    Date: 2015.10.23 | Category: boutique, clothes, designer, fashion, patterns, tailors | Response: 0

    Tips on designing wearable clothes for women, especially in India
    Reviewing the material, patterns, pricing and other details of clothes, courses for designer, and information on tailors, fashion designers, boutiques
    A listing of the offers from different individuals has been provided free of cost initially for reference by users searching for service providers.
    Fashion designers, and others can send their details to

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