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  • Storing tight and illfitting clothes is a major problem

    Date: 2021.10.31 | Category: Uncategorized | Response: 0

    Due to government slavery the domain investor does not have the time and money to get her clothes stitched from a tailor, since they are charging at least Rs 400 in panaji for stitching a single outfit
    She prefers to purchase ready made clothes, since many sellers have priced their kurtis at Rs 500 to Rs 550
    However, many of the sellers do not have a tape with them to measure the dimensions. So often the domain investor is finding that the clothes she purchased are extremely tight, she cannot even fit into the clothes. Otherwise the clothes are well designed
    While the domain investor keeps promising that she will lose weight, it will take time. Till then the domain investor has a large number of XXL clothes which she cannot wear and are taking up a lot of storage space, leading to clutter.