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  • Colleges insist on long kurtis, brands sell short kurtis

    Date: 2019.10.01 | Category: Uncategorized | Response: 0

    There is a good demand for readymade kurtis at a reasonable price.
    However, the fashion designers hired by these brands are not aware of the market conditions and keep making short kurtis since the material required is less

    For example, a hyderabad college was reported on television, as not allowing students whose kurtis were above knee length to enter the college. The girl students were checked at the college entrance, for their kurti length. while some students and women get their kurtis stitched, many of them purchase readymade kurtis since it is more convenient

    Yet when these brands are making short kurtis, students and others who like longer kurtis find it difficult to get the kurtis they require