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  • Many ready made clothes like kurtis purchased are wasted

    Date: 2018.01.07 | Category: clothes, fashion | Response: 0


    As the branded kurtis for women in India are fairly expensive, and most unbranded clothes are poorly designed, many of the clothes for middle aged women purchased are wasted as they are never worn in public.
    In some cases, the seller does not have a tape, so the buyer cannot measure the dimensions of the clothes while purchasing them. Many times the seller will verbally assure the buyer that the clothes will fit, and later they are not fitting well, are too tight or too loose.
    If the clothes are too tight, the clothes will often tear the first time they are worn and cannot be used further.
    In other cases, the clothes are not properly tailored.
    For example in the last few years, the domain investor has observed that more than 40% of the clothes she has purchased have not been worn because of the poor fitting and design.
    There is a big market for well designed clothes for women at an affordable price.