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  • Few sellers for lycra/spandex kurtis

    Date: 2018.11.29 | Category: clothes, designer, fashion | Response: 0

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    Lycra/spandex kurtis are a very good investment, because they can be worn even if the person has put on weight
    Almost all clothes, especially cotton clothes will not fit, if a person has put on weight
    On the other hand lycra/spandex kurtis will fit even if the person has put on a few inches in size
    So for a person whose weight has fluctuated, it is better to purchase lycra/spandex kurtis
    However there are few online sellers for lycra/spandex kurtis
    For most online listings the description is very vague
    So there is no guarantee that the item delivered will be made from lycra/spandex
    many of the sellers will get more sales, if they ensure that their listings are detailed with specifications