• Stitched kurtis available at a low price at teleshopping channels

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    One of the major problems being faced by many women who purchase readymade clothes, is that most of the local stores, especially in panaji are selling very expensive clothes . For example it is very difficult to get a stitched kurti of proper size in panaji, goa for less than Rs 500 and in many cases, it does not fit properly and is wasted.

    On the teleshopping channels, the prices of stitched kurtis is far lower.
    On Homeshop 18, on 8 August 2018, they were showing 6 stitched kurtis, were available for Rs 1499 for sizes S, M, L, XL , XXL, price of approximately rs 250 per kurti, The kurtis were made from micro crepe material
    The same kurtis in size 3XL, 4XL were available for Rs 1599.Homeshop18 is also running a promo, and 3-5 customers are getting their order free if they order during the one hour period when the product is being displayed.

    On the same day, on Ezmall, 3 stitched kurtis were available for Rs 999 (Rs 51 delivery charges extra). price of approximately Rs 333 per kurti.
    It would be interesting to find out the feedback of those who have ordered these kurtis, the quality of the product received.

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