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  • Quality of stitching for clothes

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    A major factor to be considered while purchasing clothes remains the quality of the stitching. If the stitches will come out due to pressure or poor quality thread, stitching practices, it can be extremely embarassing for the person wearing the clothes and cause “wardrobe malfunctions”.

    While the top brands for women like aurelia, dolly creations have excellent practices while stitching clothes, for almost all other clothes, especially those which not branded, the quality of stitching remains fairly poor. For lucknowi//chikankari clothes, the stitches will come off in areas where the pressure or stress will be more, like the underarms. Similarly in night clothes, which are worn roughly, the stitches will soon come apart after some time, a few months .

    The person who has purchased the clothes will have to find a suitable tailor or learn to stitch the clothes themselves. The textile sector in India remains very unorganized, with little scientific data on the quality of the thread available for stitching clothes, the kind of stress it can endure.

  • Leggings, salwars, chudidars

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    One of the main reasons why leggings have become extremely popular among women is the difficulty in finding well stitched salwars and chudidars for women who prefer to wear ethnic clothes. Most of the salwars, chudidars are too tight or too lose and should be altered if they are to fit properly. The alteration can be done using a safety pin or stitching, yet it will not be perfect mostly. Unlike men who have a large variety of well fitting tailored pants available, the end of the salwar or chudidar will get into the feet of the wearer and the end fabric will be worn out after some time, due to the dirt and repeated friction.

    The leggings are made from stretch fabric which is extremely flexible and suitable for women of different sizes, so they do not need to waste their time and energy altering the legging to suit them. Unlike the salwar or chudidar, the legging end can be also folded up relatively easily.

  • Cheap clothes for harassment victims

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    In the indian internet sector, a huge amount of indian tax payer money is being wasted to cause great losses to small business owners, domain investors and paypal account holders, because large corporates want to destroy competition, acquire talent and technology cheaply. Often the domain investors can only afford to purchase cheap clothes, as most of their income will be spent on domain renewals, which unfortunately 8-9 fraud government employees falsely claim to own to get a monthly salary from the indian government for doing no work.

  • Great demand for tailors

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    It appears that there continues to be a great demand for tailors for stitching all kinds of clothes, especially during the festive season and wedding season. So after September every year, till March next year, the tailors have so many orders that they usually take at least fortnight to deliver an order.
    In Goa, the demand is so great, that a store selling clothes for men near Panaji Market had a sign outside on 9 December 2015 stating that they cannot take orders till middle of January 2016
    During Christmas and New year there are many parties and other events taking place so tailors are extremely busy during the peak season. It could be a great source of supplementary income. So instead of teaching skills which will never be used, stitching is a skill which all students should be taught in school.

  • Alteration of clothes

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    On one hand people complain about the lack of employment opportunities, while on the other hand, it remains difficult to find affordable tailors to alter readymade clothes. There is a big mismatch between the demand and supply of clothes for women of all ages and women often find that readymade clothes are inexpensive compared to purchasing fabrics and getting the clothes tailored.
    However most of the readymade clothes need some alteration if they are to fit the person properly and finding a tailor to do the alteration can be expensive and time consuming. In many cases the tailor may be too busy to take up the alteration work, and may ask the customer to wait for a week or fortnight.
    People purchase expensive clothes for special events like parties, functions and need the altered clothes quickly, so if they are unable to find a tailor or make the alterations themselves, the money may be wasted.

  • No affordable, quality slips for women

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    While there are a large number of suppliers of banians for men in India like Lux Cozy, it appears that the number of suppliers for slips for women is decreasing rapidly. Many of the clothes available in the market today for women are semi transparent, so at least some women prefer to wear slips with these transparent or semi transparent clothes to avoid being ogled, accused for indecency and for additional comfort during winter.
    Increasingly it is becoming difficult to find slips of the right size in retail stories for women. Some time ago, Dixcy was stocking slips which though short were adequate .
    Now even these slips are not available. The few slips available are so short that the stomach will also not be covered. One shop was stocking slips of woven fabric, which is not stretchable like knit fabric , and the slips were extremely expensive costing Rs 196 for a slip ( which may or may not fit properly)

    More than daily wear clothes which can last for years, the market for affordable, quality slips and other underclothes in India, especially for women, remains large and there is no quality brand interested in designing and selling clothes for the market

  • help for competent hardworking obc professionals,business owners exploited by shameless greedy BRAHMIN FRAUDS

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    Though they make up a small portion of the indian population, brahmin officials hold most of the important positions because they are ruthlessly in defaming, cheating, exploiting and harassing honest hardworking competent obc professionals and business owners.
    For example in goa, the shameless lazy greedy GOAN GSB FRAUDS housewife extortionist riddhi siddhi mandrekar, bengaluru shivalli brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar, goan obc sex bribe giver bsc sunaina who sleeps with top brahmin officials and other fraud puppets of brahmin officials falsely claim to own the domain names, including this one, though they do not spend any money or do any work.
    These brahmin frauds or puppets of brahmin officials are extremely SHAMELESS FRAUDS who will falsely claim to own the websites though the news of their fraud will be posted on the websites which these shameless fraud BRAHMIN CHEATERS falsely claim to own .

    A photo of a look alike goan gsb fraud housewife extortionist riddhi who falsely claims to have a Btech 1993 EE degree to allegedly get a lucrative R&AW/CBI job, when she does not know the abc of engineering, is posted because her cruel fraud husband working in intelligence agencies has been relentlessly stalking and torturing the single woman obc engineer who actually has the Btech 1993 EE degree, wasting indian tax payer money.

    gsb fraud riddhi
    So if you are a obc/ non brahmin professional, business owner or student who feels that he or she is getting cheated, an unfair deal or discriminated against due to casteism, please send your story to

  • Genes fashion label from Didier Lecoanet and Hemant Sagar

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    Kindly note GOAN SEX BRIBE GIVERS obc bsc sunaina, GOAN GSB fraud siddhi mandrekar, GOAN GSB FRAUD HOUSEWIFE riddhi, bengaluru brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar, asmita patel, naina, veena, ruchika are not associated with the website

    Genes fashion label
    The Indo french designer duo Didier Lecoanet and Hemant Sagar, headquartered in Gurgaon launched a new label Genes for the premium ready to wear market. The garments and accessories are priced at between Rs 2500 to Rs 25000 and are available online at their website and also at

    The Genes Fall Winter collection 2015 named “Here and Now” was launched recently and focussed on young westernized Indians who wear western clothes to office and other occasions. The collection is further divided into menswear, womenswear and accessories. The range consists of formal and semi formal or casual wear for men and women including track pants, sweatshirts, short skirts for women,tops in a wide range of colours and designs.

    The fashion designer duo claim that the more expensive items are also the best selling items in their latest collection. Their factory includes separate departments for embroidery, leather and jewelry for a wide range of garments, and can produce over 10000 garments in one month

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    The shivalli brahmin cheater bbm nayanshree hathwar has looted the domain investor, obc engineer of more than Rs 1.1 lakh, and has been rewarded for her section 420 fraud allegedly with a lucrative job in R&AW, falsely claiming that she has the resume of the obc engineer she looted including the Btech 1993 EE degree and owns the domain names, when she and others do not spend a single paisa on the domain names . bengaluru cybercrime refused to register the complaint against the brahmin cheater nayanshree allegedly because tata, google are protecting and rewarding the section 420 cheater nayanshree.
    If any R&AW, CBI, NTRO, IB officials can help the obc engineer recover the money looted by brahmin cheater it will be appreciated

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