• Leggings, salwars, chudidars

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    One of the main reasons why leggings have become extremely popular among women is the difficulty in finding well stitched salwars and chudidars for women who prefer to wear ethnic clothes. Most of the salwars, chudidars are too tight or too lose and should be altered if they are to fit properly. The alteration can be done using a safety pin or stitching, yet it will not be perfect mostly. Unlike men who have a large variety of well fitting tailored pants available, the end of the salwar or chudidar will get into the feet of the wearer and the end fabric will be worn out after some time, due to the dirt and repeated friction.

    The leggings are made from stretch fabric which is extremely flexible and suitable for women of different sizes, so they do not need to waste their time and energy altering the legging to suit them. Unlike the salwar or chudidar, the legging end can be also folded up relatively easily.