• Quality of stitching for clothes

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    A major factor to be considered while purchasing clothes remains the quality of the stitching. If the stitches will come out due to pressure or poor quality thread, stitching practices, it can be extremely embarassing for the person wearing the clothes and cause “wardrobe malfunctions”.

    While the top brands for women like aurelia, dolly creations have excellent practices while stitching clothes, for almost all other clothes, especially those which not branded, the quality of stitching remains fairly poor. For lucknowi//chikankari clothes, the stitches will come off in areas where the pressure or stress will be more, like the underarms. Similarly in night clothes, which are worn roughly, the stitches will soon come apart after some time, a few months .

    The person who has purchased the clothes will have to find a suitable tailor or learn to stitch the clothes themselves. The textile sector in India remains very unorganized, with little scientific data on the quality of the thread available for stitching clothes, the kind of stress it can endure.