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  • Types of Zippers and Blazer Buttons You Can Buy From Zipper Shipper

    Date: 2016.11.22 | Category: clothes, fashion | Response: 0

    When you are in need of replacing worn out zippers, you can be sure that our company has all the types of zippers that you need. You can visit website and make orders for the type of zippers and other zipper accessories that you may be in need of. Here, you will find green house zippers for all your green house needs. There are hunting blind zippers, skirt zippers, tent zippers and all other types of zippers and zipper pulls. You can also easily get blazer button sets by going to when needed.

    Generally speaking, you will find all sorts of zippers for your home use as well as outdoor use. You can also buy your zippers based on their end type. This means that you can buy the closed-end zippers and the bottom separating zippers. Those who buy longer zippers can have these sold to them by the yard. When you visit, website, you can be sure to find the kind of zippers that are suitable for your zipper replacement needs.

  • Caps, hats of anti radiation material required

    Date: 2016.11.08 | Category: clothes, fashion | Response: 0

    Harmless indian citizen being tortured daily with microwave radiation weapons causing great pain, headache, memory loss, insomnia is looking for a supplier of low cost hats and caps to effectively protect her head from radiation,
    Please send detailed specifications and prices of the caps and hats to

  • Exhibition stalls available in Panaji, Goa at a low rate

    Date: 2016.11.01 | Category: fashion | Response: 0

    Retailers, dealers, manufacturers and suppliers interested in selling their product in an exhibition in a central location in panaji, goa at a low rate of less than Rs 300 per day can send an email to . Close to government offices, as government employees have plenty of money. Suitable for hobbyist, artists and others who wish to market or find new customers, find out the market demand for their product and have a limited marketing budget. Exhibition will be promoted extensively online and using outdoor marketing. Discount offered for ladies.