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  • Color fixer not working for some clothes

    Date: 2018.12.26 | Category: clothes, fashion | Response: 0

    Usually the color fixer, the domain investor has is fairly effective in preventing the loss of color in new clothes.
    After the clothes are dipped in the water containing the color fixer, they will stop losing color.
    When these color fixed clothes are put for drying there is usually no color leaking.
    The domain investor had purchased some nighties from the panaji fest for Rs 150 each, which is usually the low end price of the nighty.
    The nighties had a very nice print.
    The nighty was put in the color fixer for a long period of time, however the color continued to leak
    Additionally the plastic bucket also was covered with a thick coating of the dye.
    Using clothes with leaking color is extremely dangerous, since other clothes will also get colored
    Increasing the color fixer amount has also not helped,the color continues to leak
    Now the domain investor is looking for new color fixers for these nighties, since the Rs 100 color fixer is almost over, and very few shops in goa are stocking the color fixer.