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  • Fabric cleaners not very effective for cleaning dupattas, removing sweat stains

    Date: 2019.02.28 | Category: Uncategorized | Response: 0

    Women who were working in the mid to late 1990’s were expected to wear a dupatta to office, and this habit remains. Since the dupattas are wrapped around the neck, they become yellow in the middle fairly quickly because of the sweat.
    Putting the dupatta in the washing machine also does not help, there is no change in the color.
    The dupatta is otherwise in good condition, only it acquires a shade of yellow, brown and other non white colors, so either it should be replaced or stain removers are used
    A fabric stain remover was purchased hoping that it could remove the sweat stains in the middle of the dupatta,
    Despite applying the stain remover, no major improvement in the color was noticed.
    Any effective methods to remove sweat stains from dupattas made from synthetic fabric blends will be appreciated.