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  • Young woman offloaded for wearing a short skirt

    Date: 2015.10.31 | Category: Uncategorized | Response: 0

    Though models are often shown clad in skimpy outfits, in reality India remains conservative to a very great extent. The latest media report was that India’s largest carier had offloaded a young female passenger because they thought that the skirt that she wore was too short. Some other passengers reported that the targetted woman was wearing a knee length outfit.
    However the passenger was not allowed to fly from Mumbai to Delhi by three male crew members
    Later the female passenger changed into trousers and was accomodated on some other flight.
    So fashion designers targetting the Indian market should be aware of the harsh reality of living in India and ensure that their clothes are conservative enough.

  • Engineering clothes

    Date: 2015.10.25 | Category: Uncategorized | Response: 0

    The fashion design critique was triggered by a sale of cheap kurtis for women costing Rs 150 and Rs 250 each. Though the largest size of clothes were selected, the customer could not fit into the clothes, because of the fundamental problem in the approach of mass market fashion designers to cutting the cloth.
    In engineering if any trained engineer was told to cut the cloth to fit the maximum number of potential customers, they would make provision for all sizes and shapes of women. However, it appears that fashion designers in India are mostly thinking of catwalk models who are extremely thin , film and tv actresses as a result some women find that most of the ready made clothes purchased are wasted .
    For example 5 kurtis costing Rs 1100 were purchased from a sale of the largest size , however 3 of these kurtis do not fit at the chest alone and have to be altered due to be poor design. Despite spending so much money, the customer had to stitch clothes manually.

  • Ideal vs Actual figure for design

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    The main problem with ready made clothes in India is that the fashion designer is designer for the woman with the ideal figure in fashion, which is being extremely thin in 2015. They will sell the clothes to retailers and customers, and if it does not fit, the customers money will be wasted, the fashion designer will be least interested .
    On the other hand, a engineer designing clothes will design for the worst case figure , so that the clothes can be worn by the customer in all conditions taking into consideration the variation in body shapes of an individual. The engineer designing clothes will want to ensure that the customer does not waste his or her hard earned money on clothes which cannot be worn.

  • Engineering, science and fashion design

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    Though most people treat fashion design as an art , looking at it objectively , designing clothes that fit well is a science, a form of engineering. Some engineering colleges have a course in textile technology , however most dismiss design of clothes as something that should be left to uneducated or poorly educated tailors and fashion designers who do not treat the design of clothes in a scientific manner .
    Due to this unscientific approach towards clothes design, especially for women, there is no major ladies ethnic wear brand in India which is affordable and well designed. Most men refuse to consider the matter scientifically and women often waste a lot of money to purchase ready made clothes, which they often find do not fit them well. Only larger shops have changing rooms, and women do not like to use the changing room because of hidden cameras.
    Some tips on designing clothes for women, especially for women who are not thin

  • Fashion designer guide

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    Tips on designing wearable clothes for women, especially in India
    Reviewing the material, patterns, pricing and other details of clothes, courses for designer, and information on tailors, fashion designers, boutiques
    A listing of the offers from different individuals has been provided free of cost initially for reference by users searching for service providers.
    Fashion designers, and others can send their details to

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