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  • Shakuntala brand of slips not easily available in metro cities

    Date: 2023.01.26 | Category: Uncategorized | Response: 0

    When the domain investor was living in goa, she could easily purchase shakuntala brand of hosiery slips from the local garment store in the market
    They were also affordably priced at Rs 100-120 each
    Though the plastic packaging of these slips indicated that they were manufactured in Mumbai, in some areas of metro cities, these slips are not easily available.
    The domain investor checked several shops for slips, most of them did not have these slips available
    The only slips available are of Pears brand, made in Ulhasnagar,
    These slips are very expensive, a few months ago, they were priced at Rs 170, now the retailer is charging Rs 220 for one slip

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