• Alteration of clothes

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    On one hand people complain about the lack of employment opportunities, while on the other hand, it remains difficult to find affordable tailors to alter readymade clothes. There is a big mismatch between the demand and supply of clothes for women of all ages and women often find that readymade clothes are inexpensive compared to purchasing fabrics and getting the clothes tailored.
    However most of the readymade clothes need some alteration if they are to fit the person properly and finding a tailor to do the alteration can be expensive and time consuming. In many cases the tailor may be too busy to take up the alteration work, and may ask the customer to wait for a week or fortnight.
    People purchase expensive clothes for special events like parties, functions and need the altered clothes quickly, so if they are unable to find a tailor or make the alterations themselves, the money may be wasted.