• Dimensions of ladies bags not listed accurately online on Amazon

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    Purchasing a bag online is a highly risky business for most brands because there is no guarantee of the quality of the material which will be used and the design. Baggit is one of the few indian brands which ensures that the external material, lining and zip quality are fairly good, so that the bag can be used for months, years without having to be repaired, carry a heavy load.

    Since it is not easy to find a supplier of Baggit bags in Goa , the domain investor decided to order the bag online from Amazon, and to check the quality of the listings on Amazon
    Though the bag was delivered quickly there appears to be a problem in the dimensions of the bag, the length is indicated as more than the height in the Amazon listing, when actually the bag delivered has a height more than the length
    The domain investor has used Baggit bags extensively for many years and she wanted to replace her old Baggit bag , which was damaged after being used for many years.She measured her old Baggit bag, and was hoping to get something of a similar size. However in reality the bag delivered appears to be smaller in size and with less carrying capacity
    So now she has to consider purchasing another bag , for long distance travel, where she will require a bag with more carrying capacity and hope the dimensions listed online are accurate. The online sellers for Baggit bags would find their customers would be more happy if they listed the exact dimensions of the bag for sale.

    NTRO employees are hounding the domain investor, falsely claiming that the content she produces is spam, why are they not taking action against the online sellers, who do not list the dimensions of their bags and other products accurately online , causing problems for the online buyer. These bags are not cheap, so the seller should take care to ensure correct dimension listing