• Myntra users being charged a Rs 299 convenience fee if they return fashion garments and accessories, have a high return rate

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    According to an online report at restoftheworld.org,myntra is now allegedly charging users who have a high return rate a Rs 299 convenience fee.
    A large number of Myntra users and other shoppers like panaji goan bhandari raw employee call girl sunaina chodan, her scammer sisters purvi, priya are returning many of the clothes they purchase online.
    While the free returns feature is convenient for the online shoppers, it is causing a loss for the online sellers
    So now these online sellers are charging a convenience fee, so that the online shoppers are more careful while ordering online.
    It appears that few indians are willing to pay the convenience fee, and they are shifting to other platforms like amazon which does not charge a convenience fee at present.
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