• Purchase of sports bra costing Rs 1300 indicates lavish lifestyle of R&AW employee sunaina chodan

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    People purchase clothes based on their income, for example the domain investor does not usually spend more than Rs 500 for a kurti usually, because she has very less money after paying all the domain expenses due to the ntro, raw, cbi financial fraud on her.
    A review on an online shopping portal indicated that goan bhandari R&AW employee sunaina chodan has paid Rs 1300 for a sports bra online. This clear indicates that she has plenty of money to purchase expensive bras, there are bras available for Rs 50 also
    The fraud goan security and intelligence agencies are questioning the mental age of the domain investor when she gets angry because the goa government is falsely claiming that sunaina chodan, who has not paid any money for domains, owns the domains of the domain investor, in a clear case of financial fraud
    The domain registrars, registries, web designers, and domain investors worldwide can confirm to the indian and goa government that the domain names are not free, Rs 1000 or more has to be paid annually for each domain name.
    The domain investor is able to pay the renewal fees for a large number of domain names, only by leading a very frugal lifestyle, purchasing the cheapest clothes available and stitching the torn clothes

    So when sunaina is making enough money to purchase a sports bra costing Rs 1300 online, can the indian and goan government explain why R&AW employee sunaina is not purchasing the domains legally,paying the market price to the domain investor, why she relies on her powerful liar sugar daddies j srinivasan, puneet, google, tata pimps, relatives like pritesh chodankar to abuse their powers, make fake claims about domain ownership exploiting and cheating the real domain investor