• Green kurti gets completely torn after three washes

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    Google, tata, ntro, raw, cbi employees are quick to hysterically make allegations of black money, yet they are refusing to acknowledge the fact that there is no standardization in the quality of clothes available especially for women and women waste a lot of money purchasing clothes.

    Even if the buyer will purchase from the most expensive store in panaji, there is no guarantee that the clothes will last for more than one or two washes.
    For example the domain investor purchased a pista green kurti costing approximately Rs 700 from a very reputed store in panaji.
    Yet the third time, the kurti was washed, it disintegrated completely into its threads
    So whenever any clothes are purchased there is a very great risk, that the domain investor will not be able to wear it, all the money is wasted.
    The cost of purchasing clothes which cannot be worn is also a major expense for women, especially those who are not slim.