• Lace or netting on clothes

    Date: 2016.09.30 | Category: fashion | Tags:

    Some of the more high profile clothing brands are using netting or lace for their clothes especially in shoulder area. While young women may like to wear revealing clothes, others, especially older women may not be interested in the netting or lace as it will expose some skin.
    Compared to the clothes worn by middle class and working women a generation or a few decades ago, young women have comparatively few inhibitions in wearing skimpy clothes which expose their well toned and well waxed hair free body.
    For example in Mumbai, especially in the relatively conservative north eastern suburbs , few women would dare to roam about wearing hot pants, and older women are modest in the clothes they wearing, keeping their body covered
    However in Goa, it is very common to see skimpily dressed women especially foreigners roaming about in very few clothes, and almost no one notices it Fewer young women especially in goa wear Indian clothes, most appear to prefer western clothes like tshirts, as security and intelligence agencies consider western clothes to be a sign of modernity, english speaking, writing skills.

    So brands manufacturing ethnic clothes like kurtis should be clear about their target audience. If they are interested in targetting young women, they should realize that the market remains small, as most companies prefer women who wear western clothes. If they want older women to purchase their clothes, these clothes should be conservatively designed, and cover the body and arms to the extent possible. If they are using lace, it should be covered or a lining should be used.
    If there is no lining, the customer has to waste time and money to get a proper lining stitched.