• Domain investors forced to spend money on expensive antiradiation fabric

    Date: 2016.07.20 | Category: clothes, fashion | Tags:

    As intelligence and security agency officials, especially in panaji goa are ruthless in stalking and torturing harmless domain investors and paypal account holders, with microwave radiation weapons causing great pain, whatever little money the domain investors are making, they are forced to spend it on expensive anti radiation fabric.
    At present, the anti radiation fabric will cost at least Rs 1800 per meter
    For covering the entire body from radiation, at least 3 meters will be required
    During a mumbai visit, travelling to the office of the radiation fabric supplier will cost Rs 500 approximately

    Usually a domain investor can make only Rs 15000 a month as profit due to extremely hostile conditions, torture and about 50% of the income will be spent on anti radiation fabric to protect the harmless domain investor against the cruel animal like security and intelligence officials who take a sadistic pleasure in torturing harmless indian citizens, especially in panaji, goa . With the remaining money, a lot of expenses have to be paid including travel, food .

    Yet the paranoid, cruel, incompetent animal like criminal intelligence and security agency officials continue to label the harmless domain investor who has very little money, as a security threat to stalk, sexually harass and torture her for more than 6 years.

    Any supplier of inexpensive and effective anti radiation fabric can send an email to nkinf@hotmail.com and info@textads.in