• Wrinkle proof fabric

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    One of the greatest disadvantages of purchasing clothes offline remains that it is difficult to determine whether the fabric is wrinkleproof. Most clothes being sold are starched before being sold, only after washing the clothes, does the person find out whether the fabric will require ironing. Increasingly security agencies judge a person, his or her economic status, educational level, depending on how well stitched and ironed his or her clothes are.
    There are some synthetic or blended fabrics that do not require much ironing , however for many women clothes the buyer is usually gambling. Wrinkle proof fabric does not cost more than Rs 45 a meter, yet kurtis which cost as much as Rs 250 are made of fabric which is extremely wrinkled or crumpled. If a person is not skeletal, the creases in the fabric will automatically reduce after wearing the clothes for an hour or so, however if the fabric quality is not good, the clothes will remain wrinkled.