• Indian Readymade brands do not stock all sizes

    Date: 2016.01.28 | Category: Uncategorized | Tags:

    Most women in India are forced to get their clothes custom made because some of the most famous readymade garment brands for ethnic or indian clothes stock limited sizes of the clothes.

    For example for the retailer W*, the maximum size of the clothes available for women were 99 cm chest, while another retailer brand A* had a slightly larger size available at 112.5 cm . While most young women are slim, due to lower metabolic rate, human rights abuses and second class status of women in India, most older/middle aged indian women tend to put on weight.

    Today due to the corporate culture and negative attitude towards women wearing indian clothes (top intelligence and security agency officials openly call them Kamwali bais or maidservants or behenjis however well educated or wealthy they may be), many of the younger women will be spotted only in western clothes like shirt/pant, tshirts, skirt blouse, pant suit.

    So when the indian ethnic wear brands are stocking only clothes of smaller sizes less than 100 cm for chest, they are excluding a large number of potential customers, and targetting a non existent younger customer who will not be interested in purchasing indian clothes for regular use.