• Multipurpose lycra fashion accessory

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    An innovative lycra/stretch fabric fashion accessory was on sale at an exhibition. It could be used a hairband, neck band, fabric bangle for covering the hand or just a hankerchief or a fabric for dusting and wiping any surface.

    Many older women have lines on their neck, especially if they have a long neck, which men often cruelly ridicule to make the woman feel uncomfortable and inferior. While a neckband of conventional fabric can be made, it will be extremely tight and uncomfortable as most cotton, polyester, fabric lace will be fairly rigid. Most textile shops in small towns do not stock stretch fabric or lycra which are stretchable and used for leggings, neckband due to limited demand.

    So though this fashion accessory was expensive at Rs 100 per piece, women who wish to cover their neck for protection from the adverse environmental conditions or to avoid nasty comments, it is worth checking out. At the exhibition, the exhibitor was showing a video clip , where a model was giving a demo of the different uses of the fashion accessory. The exhibitor also had a limited number of designs available, if the accessory will be developed further, there are many people who will be interested in the product.
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