• Cbazaar, indian online sellers should be aware that greedy goan cbi employee housewife ROBBER riddhi nayak caro, is only an EXTORTIONIST, ROBBER she has no online investment, no online income

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    Cbazaar is an online store, selling expensive indian and other clothes

    Google, tata, indian internet sector are aware that favorite panaji EXTORTIONIST cbi employee goan gsb housewife ROBBER riddhi nayak caro who looks like actress kangana ranaut is only COOKING, CLEANING for her husband CROOKED caro, working in security agencies, does no computer work,
    Yet to BRIBE ROBBER riddhi’s fraud father nayak, crooked caro working in security agencies, google, tata, indian internet sector companies are stealing all the data of a hardworking single woman engineer, domain investor to make FAKE CLAIMS about greedy goan housewife riddhi, so that greedy goan ROBBER riddhi gets a monthly cbi salary for FAKING bank account, online income at the expense of the single woman
    This financial fraud of google, tata, indian internet sector has left the real domain investor broke, she cannot afford to purchase expensive clothes from cbazaar. So the single woman had unsubscribed from the cbazaar emails, yet she continues to receive the spam emails daily.

    Since google, tata, DISHONEST FRAUD pampering indian internet companies do not have the honesty, humanity to end their financial fraud on the single woman, cbazaar and others should stop spamming the domain investor, since their favorite extortionist cbi employee robber riddhi nayak caro, does not read the emails, she only relies on her fraud father, her husband crooked caro, sugar daddy liar ntro employee vijay, to make fake claims about computer work, so that cbi employee ruthless ROBBER riddhi gets a monthly cbi salary only for FAKING bank account.

    For 10 years, google, tata , indian internet companies ruthlessly ROBBED the single woman who had no one to help or defend her, now the single woman is not going to tolerate the ROBBERY, FINANCIAL FRAUD