• Cottonwalas anarkali is well designed and affordable

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    Cottonwalas maroon anarkali

    The domain investor likes to wear anarkalis because it is like a nightie, which can be worn both indoors and outdoors, unlike kurtis which have a large slit exposing the thighs if leggings or palazzos are not worn . Goa is one of the most westernized states in India, and comparatively few women wear indian clothes. So it is not feasible for most retailers to stock indian clothes at a low price.

    So the domain investor was very happy to purchase the cottonwalas anarkali for Rs 459 which was within her budget
    The maroon color is good, because any stains or dirt will not be visible.
    The material used is cotton rayon blend, which is fairly thick.
    The fitting of the anarkali was very good, only the length was vaguely specified that it was calf length, instead of the exact length.
    So it was hemmed to reduce the length
    There is some white machine embroidery on the top portion
    It is extremely comfortable to wear.
    The only disadvantage it has that it will lose some color, though the color does not adhere to other clothes
    Kindly note that this a free review, after purchasing the anarkali on amazon, paying the full market price. For reviews of indian ethnic clothes, please contact on info@blogposts.in