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  • Stitching quality for nighties

    Date: 2016.02.28 | Category: Uncategorized | Response: 0

    Though night dresses for women (or nighties) available in India are value for money with well fitting nighties costing Rs 200 to Rs 300 (or less in some cases), a major problem faced is that the quality of the stitching remains fairly poor. While during the day most of the clothes being worn will not stretched unless extremely tight, at night when the person is sleeping or relaxing, the clothes are likely to be roughly used.
    On an average it is observed that for most readymade nighties available in the indian market, the stitches will come apart within a month of being used a few times a week. Then the person wearing the nighty should find time to stitch the nighty, find a tailor (expensive and time consuming) or continue wearing the clothes which are coming apart till they are no longer wearable.
    There is no scientific study of the stress on the stitching on the clothes depending on the weight of the person, fabric area and different actions of the body like a when a person is bending, stretching . The thread available for stitching the clothes in most stores India is also not of very good quality, so a person will have to spend time stitching the same clothes repeatedly

  • Wrinkle proof fabric

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    One of the greatest disadvantages of purchasing clothes offline remains that it is difficult to determine whether the fabric is wrinkleproof. Most clothes being sold are starched before being sold, only after washing the clothes, does the person find out whether the fabric will require ironing. Increasingly security agencies judge a person, his or her economic status, educational level, depending on how well stitched and ironed his or her clothes are.
    There are some synthetic or blended fabrics that do not require much ironing , however for many women clothes the buyer is usually gambling. Wrinkle proof fabric does not cost more than Rs 45 a meter, yet kurtis which cost as much as Rs 250 are made of fabric which is extremely wrinkled or crumpled. If a person is not skeletal, the creases in the fabric will automatically reduce after wearing the clothes for an hour or so, however if the fabric quality is not good, the clothes will remain wrinkled.

  • Selling denim clothing wholesale online

    Date: 2016.02.14 | Category: Uncategorized | Response: 0

    Most people spend a significant part of their monthly income on clothes and denim clothes are popular worldwide because they are durable and relatively low cost compared to other fabrics, which get torn quickly. There are a large number of offline and online stores who would like to stock denim clothing, however finding a supplier can be difficult. Smaller stores also cannot afford to directly import container loads of clothes. Hence a website selling wholesale denim clothing online at a reasonable rate is likely to find a large number of customers if it is able to find reliable manufacturers and suppliers.

    The first step in setting up an ecommerce website selling wholesale denim clothing is to find a reliable manufacturer or supplier of denim clothing locally or from other countries. The denim clothing supplier should have his or her own manufacturing, design facilities and be able to increase production as required, depending on the demand for denim clothing. The online wholesale denim clothing store may either provide designs to the manufacturer depending on the latest fashion trends in the market or use the different denim clothing designs available with the manufacturer for marketing.

    The wholesale denim clothing store owner should do some market research contacting online and offline retailers of clothing to gauge the demand for the denim clothes, the price range, designs and sizes which are selling well. The denim clothing store owner can contact the retailers either personally or sending mailers to them or using social media. After the research has been completed, the wholesale denim clothing store should try to get some orders from the retailers, offering them prices which are lower than the prices they are getting from their existing supplier.

    In a few cases, the wholesale denim clothing store can offer drop shipping option to retailers so that they do not have to worry about keeping inventory and storage space. The inventory and demand for the different designs of denim clothing should be monitored closely to maximize the profit made, and prevent stockpiling of clothes which are not in demand. The website should be updated with the latest products available and quality photos of the clothes so that the retailers can place orders accordingly. Periodic sales can help get rid of slow moving inventory. Free or highly discounted shipping on orders above a specific value will encourage the retailers to place large orders for wholesale denim clothing at the website.