• Color fixer liquid very effect in stopping color bleeding from clothes and fabrics

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    For most of the clothes sold offline, the seller does not specify whether the color is fast or not.
    Only when the clothes are soaked in water for the first time, the buyer finds out about the quality of the dyes used
    If the color is bleeding, the clothes have to washed separately, else all other fabrics will also get color stains, damaging them.
    So the clothes buyer has to wash these clothes separately and cannot use the washing machine.
    Some companies in Mumbai are making and selling color fixer liquid which can stop bleeding of the fabric.
    One liquid was tried with a number of clothes, and it could fix almost all the problems.
    The clothes have to soaked in a solution containing the liquid and water for some time, and the problem is fixed.
    So if you have a problem with color bleeding, or clothes losing color, the color fixer liquid is the best option.
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