• Unlike domain investors, fashion designers do not face any harassment

    Date: 2017.03.30 | Category: clothes, fashion | Tags:

    The times of india in an article has clearly mentioned that fashion designers get paid for the expensive clothes worn by wealthy and upper class indian women in cash, with a single outfit costing Rs 8 lakh each, The amount paid is mainly black money, which has been stashed away by the family for years . However in a clear indication of the misplaced priorities of ntro, cbi employees these fashion designers and their associates dealing with black money are rarely harassed or monitored by the indian intelligence and security agencies especially cbi.
    On other hand harmless indian domain investors with very less cash transactions are closely monitored for more than 7 years by the incompetent, corrupt dishonest indian intelligence and security agencies, falsely claiming national security, black money , tax evasion.
    How can a person who has less than Rs 1.5 lakh a year on cash withdrawals for daily expenses have black money, why are fashion designers not monitored can ntro explain.