• NTRO ignoring cash payment/black money of fashion designers

    Date: 2017.02.08 | Category: clothes, fashion | Tags:

    For the last 7 years, ntro employees led by j srinivasan have relentlessly stalked, tortured a harmless google competitor, falsely claiming black money, tax evasion, when actually they are bribed by google, tata to do so for their corporate goals. However these dishonest fraud ntro employees are ignoring the large amount of black money in other sectors.
    For example in Goa Times on 7 February 2017, there was an article of how a single outfit from top indian fashion designers is costing Rs 6-7 lakh alone, and it is usually paid in cash, usually black money. There are many people purchasing clothes worth Rs 40-45 lakh in a year, paid with cash, black money . Now that the indian government has put a Rs 3 lakh limit on cash transactions, these fashion designers are likely to break up the outfit into smaller units which will cost less than Rs 3 lakh each, for example Rs 2.5 lakh for choli, Rs 2.5 lakh for odni, and Rs 3 lakh for ghagra, for an outfit costing Rs 8 lakh.
    It appears that fashion designers have been receiving black money for a very long time, yet ntro officials are least interested in monitoring them or ending the tax evasion. Can the NTRO, CBI employees justify in an open debate why so much tax payer money is being wasted to monitor a harmless domain investor with revenues less than 8 lakh, almost all payment though cheque, bank transfer, for the last 5 years, while the fashion designers dealing in a huge amount of black money are allowed complete freedom, privacy.

    Can NTRO, CBI, indian intelligence and security agencies explain the double standards,discrimination against paypal account holders, domain investors, in an open debate