• Designer evening gowns worn by Femina Miss India winners

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    The Femina Miss India contest is one of the most high profile beauty contests in India, getting a lot of coverage in the media, especially those associated with Femina and Times of India. The gowns worn by the winners of the contest are an indication of the fashion trends in India, especially western wear.
    The winner of Femina Miss India Priyadarshini Chatterjee from Guwahati has worn a grey sleeveless gown. The upper half of the outfit, appears to be like a one piece swimsuit with embroidery and and a band around the waist and cleavage clearly visible. The lower half of the gown is made from semi transparent material similar to netting and her long legs are clearly visible, leaving nothing to the imagination
    The 1st runner up of Femina Miss India Sushruthi Krishna from Bengaluru has worn an outfit very similar to the winner in terms of design and colour. She again wears a grey outfit, with transparent shoulder straps, plunging V shaped cleavage. The one piece swimsuit type top half is again has elaborate embroidery or beadwork. The lower half of the gown is again made from semi transparent material, though the netting is less transparent that the outfit worn by the miss India winner.
    The 2nd runner up of Femina Miss India was Lucknow’s Pankhuri Gidwani who wore a dark brown striped evening gown , in contrast to the other winners. The sleeveless gown again had a plunging neckline and the skin coloured patch in the lower half created the illusion of showing skin

    All the evening gowns were designed for Femina Miss India contest by the fashion designers Falguni and Shane Peacock , and complemented with Jewellery from Farah Khan Fine Jewelery.
    The event was styled by Kristy Da Cunha
    Hair & Makeup : Mehera Kolah

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