• Wearing long dresses can be risky

    Date: 2016.04.13 | Category: Uncategorized | Tags:

    A few days ago Times of India carried a photo of Kate Middleton at an official function in New Delhi trying to manage her dress which was blowing in the wind, calling it Marilyn Monroe moment (in rather poor taste). However the photo again highlighted the risk of wearing dresses, especially when the weather is windy. A strong gust of wind can make a dress difficult to manage, especially if the dress is made from relatively flimsy material like linen, polyester, nylon or rayon.

    While it is usually possible to control the environmental conditions indoors, If the woman has to do a lot of work or different tasks outdoors, especially on a holiday, it is best to avoid wearing dresses made from flimsy material. For taller women the problem of flowing dresses which blow with the wind will be more as the dress will be longer. In these conditions figure hugging dresses of thicker material could be a better choice.