• No affordable, quality slips for women

    Date: 2015.12.11 | Category: Uncategorized | Tags:

    While there are a large number of suppliers of banians for men in India like Lux Cozy, it appears that the number of suppliers for slips for women is decreasing rapidly. Many of the clothes available in the market today for women are semi transparent, so at least some women prefer to wear slips with these transparent or semi transparent clothes to avoid being ogled, accused for indecency and for additional comfort during winter.
    Increasingly it is becoming difficult to find slips of the right size in retail stories for women. Some time ago, Dixcy was stocking slips which though short were adequate .
    Now even these slips are not available. The few slips available are so short that the stomach will also not be covered. One shop was stocking slips of woven fabric, which is not stretchable like knit fabric , and the slips were extremely expensive costing Rs 196 for a slip ( which may or may not fit properly)

    More than daily wear clothes which can last for years, the market for affordable, quality slips and other underclothes in India, especially for women, remains large and there is no quality brand interested in designing and selling clothes for the market