• Why branded clothes cost more in India

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    Compared to other types of clothes like nighties, the price charged by branded ethnic clothes manufacturers in India remains high. Though there are many individuals and companies who supply kurtis for women, the branded clothes manufacturers like Biba, Aurelia, Desi Global are able to charge and get far higher prices.
    The reason for the premium prices is that the branded clothes in India are designed for all body types, while the low cost clothes are often suitable only for slim women. The low cost clothes manufacturer fail to realize that if the clothes are too lose, they can be modified to fit a thinner woman. However, if a woman is plump or fat and the clothes too tight, they are wasted. The woman can only hope to use the fabric elsewhere as altering the tight clothes can be both difficult and expensive.
    So the branded clothes manufacturers like Biba, Aurelia, Desi Global are charging a premium because they have spent more time and effort researching the variation in female body types

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