• Fabric dye quality should be checked

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    Though most people like to wear brightly colored clothes, one of the major risk of purchasing these clothes is that the color of the clothes will run or bleed when these clothes are soaked in water for the first time. It can be dangerous to wash these clothes with other clothes in a washing machines, as the other clothes will also get coloured. Depending on the quality of the color used, it may be impossible to remove the color from the other clothes. Dry cleaning will be expensive and there is no guarantee that the color will be removed.
    So though it may be inconvenient initially, it is advisable to wash the clothes separately in bucket initially. Depending on how much dye will be lost, the clothes will have to be washed separately for a few times. After 4-5 washes, the clothes will stop losing color and can be safely washed in a washing machine.
    Usually cheaper clothes are more likely to lose color initially.

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