• Covid-19 pandemic forcing citizens to purchase clothes online

    Date: 2020.10.12 | Category: Uncategorized | Tags:

    A large part of the complaints posted online are related to clothes ordered online and not being delivered. This is mainly because citizens are not able to find the clothes they want in the local stores at affordable prices.

    The domain investor was purchasing clothes offline, yet because of the covid-19 pandemic, she is not travelling by air in airconditioned planes, and visiting airconditioned showrooms, since the chance of getting infected is far more. This forced the domain investor to purchase clothes online at Amazon, because the clothes she is wearing are now having holes, which will only become bigger if they are not replaced.

    Many indians are lured by instagram advertisements, and are purchased at stores like Finifox fashion, stylofab, brothers footprint and others who do not deliver.
    These online shoppers like goan bhandari R&AW employee sunaina are complaining online, which exposes the great fraud of the indian internet sector, which falsely claimed that sunaina, with no online income was an online expert to get her a monthly raw salary, when sunaina has no knowledge of webhosting, domains, does not even know how to shut down a website