• Broke domain investor does not have time to go shopping for clothes

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    Panaji is a small town, and many brands for indian ladies clothes like kurtis, do not have stores in panaji, especially those selling inexpensive clothes. Other stores do not have any clothes which are priced less than Rs 700 while it is possible to get quality clothes for Rs 400 or less elsewhere.

    The domain investor also does not have much time to go shopping in panaji, because of the google, tata BANKING, REAL ESTATE FRAUD on her, which has made her work like a slave so that these fraud companies do not have to pay SEX SERVICE PROVIDERS, BRIBES from their million dollar profits.

    Hence the domain investor prefers to shop at the airport, where some of the brands have their retail outlets, and the domain investor has some time
    She will sometimes spend more than Rs 1000 at a time, at the airport

    Yet the google, tata, ntro, raw, cbi employees refuse to acknowledge the fact that the domain investor does not have the time to go shopping all over goa for clothes, and prefers to purchase the clothes while travelling, when they falsely accuse her of having black money, when she is only keeping some money aside for shopping for clothes at suitable stores.