• Asymmetrical tops and kurtis in fashion

    Date: 2016.05.11 | Category: Uncategorized | Tags:

    One of the main advantages of travelling to a large metro city is the opportunity to observe the latest fashion trends. At the airport and elsewhere travellers have to spend a lot of time waiting, and it is a good opportunity to observe the clothes and accessories worn by people, especially women. In April 2016, it appears that asymmetrical tops or kurtis were in fashion in Mumbai.
    Usually the length of the clothes in the front and back side remains uniform for almost all clothes. However it appears that a smart and observant fashion designer noticed that when women bend the clothes or top which they are wearing is not long enough to cover their body properly, especially if the top is short. So he designed tops and kurtis where the length on the rear side will be at least 10 or 15 cm more than the length on the front side.
    This trend was more popular for tops made from transparent material. However the trend has no perlocated to smaller cities and towns yet.