• Engineering clothes

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    The fashion design critique was triggered by a sale of cheap kurtis for women costing Rs 150 and Rs 250 each. Though the largest size of clothes were selected, the customer could not fit into the clothes, because of the fundamental problem in the approach of mass market fashion designers to cutting the cloth.
    In engineering if any trained engineer was told to cut the cloth to fit the maximum number of potential customers, they would make provision for all sizes and shapes of women. However, it appears that fashion designers in India are mostly thinking of catwalk models who are extremely thin , film and tv actresses as a result some women find that most of the ready made clothes purchased are wasted .
    For example 5 kurtis costing Rs 1100 were purchased from a sale of the largest size , however 3 of these kurtis do not fit at the chest alone and have to be altered due to be poor design. Despite spending so much money, the customer had to stitch clothes manually.