• Exhibition space for fashion designers, garment suppliers, sewing accessory suppliers

    Date: 2017.06.30 | Category: clothes, fashion | Tags:

    Exhibition space available for rent in panaji, goa at low rates at different locations
    Area : approximately 22 square meters
    Close to government offices, residential quarters
    In Goa, government employees are very well paid compared to other citizens and have good purchasing power
    Daily rental – Rs 300-500 per day
    Amount has to be paid in advance
    Exhibitors can rent for 1-5 days depending on the budget, stock available and demand for the product
    ideal for manufacturers, dealers, distributors, companies supplying low cost products, which are not easily available in a small town like goa
    Also suitable for those with a home based business making craft, embroidery, handmade items , who do not want to rent a shop and wish to sell their products periodically
    Please send your requirement to info@textads.in