Even exhibition garment seller told fake stories about domain investor to slander her

Since the high status respectable well connected raw/cbi employees are LIARS, BANKING FRAUDSTERS who do not want to open their own paypal, bank account legally, they are involved in a vicious slander racket against the domain investor to cover up their banking, domain ownership fraud.
Due to the government SLAVERY racket, the domain investor does not have the time to visit garment stores, she is purchasing clothes from sellers in the vicinity. A garment exhibition was held close to where she lives, and the domain investor purchased only one kurti for a low price of Rs 550, since she has limited clothes, which are not suitable for monsoon wear, and left her phone number in feedback book.
Yet indicating the viciousness of the slander of the domain investor, a few days later she got a phone call from the exhibitor, making allegations that she had black money, and he wanted to send a whatsapp video to her, indicating how much effort powerful people are making to slander her. Due to the government SLAVERY racket in the indian internet sector, the domain investor does not have the time and inclination to watch videos, so she refused.
Yet the phone call from the garment seller, clearly indicated that the domain investor is being closely monitored,and every person she interacts with is told defamatory stories so that she cannot get any kind of help.